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Copy of 3 Money Saving Tips to Help You Get Through Hot Girl Summer

Running down the “Hot Girl Summer” checklist can leave a pretty big dent in your checking account. There’s Crunk Brunch, Boozy Brunch, Socca Brunch, Bougie Brunch, box braids, summer lashes and of course, weekend boat trips.

We get it - 2020 was not for the faint of heart. An entire summer looking through old pics, wishing we were back outside running the road, has left us with a lot of pent up partying to get out. Unfortunately, that excitement coupled with relaxed restrictions can lead to some serious overspending.

“ayyyyyyy” your savings away, we’ve put together some “Hot Girl Savings” tips to help you keep a couple dollars in your bank account this summer.

Plan Outings In Advance

We don’t want to ruin spontaneous fun, but nothing blows through a paycheck faster than a “Hey girl, what you up to?” text. One lunch with appetizers, two bottomless mimosas and three rounds of shots later, and that quiet Saturday you intended to spend at home is now a $200 hangover.

Hot Girl Savings Tip: We know it’s not the most exciting thing to do, but it’s okay to miss out on one or two of those last minute outings. Instead, try to plan your days around moments when your cash flow allows for it.. For example, if you’re paid bi-weekly, try to line up your outings for the weekend after you’ve been paid. After paying bills and separating your savings, you’ll have a clearer idea of exactly how much fun you can have without having to eat tuna and rice for 7 days straight until your next paycheck.

Bring Back Those Last Hot Girl Summer Fits

If any marketing team deserves a raise, it’s the one behind Fashion Nova’s email marketing. Just the mere thought of an event coming up and a #NovaBabe Hot Picks email pops up in your inbox. Before you click that “Shop Now” button (and all your coins away), pause and think about the last outfit you bought. Let’s be honest, you’ve probably only worn that netted top and maxi dress once or twice. (People seeing it on Instagram doesn’t count!). Those frequent purchases really add up and $10 tops easily become $16 holes in your wallet when you factor in shipping and taxes. Hot Girl Savings Tip: Take an honest look through your closet and pick outfits you’ve only worn once or twice. Mixing and matching your pieces can make last year’s wardrobe look brand new. Trust us, no one’s scrolling your instagram to see if you’ve worn those pants before, and even if someone does - who cares? You always look cute af with an extra $300 in your savings account.

Easy Payday Expert Tip: Prioritize your Goal Savings First

The reality is life would be pretty boring without the occasional outing. There’s more to life than saving money and paying bills. We believe you should absolutely get out there and enjoy yourself (and your money!) every once in a while. The key is to prioritize long term goals over immediate satisfaction.

Our Easy PayDay finance expert suggests, “Make it a habit to pay a larger percentage of your income towards your goal before your recreational fun. Whether you’re saving for a home, investing or planning for retirement, set aside your goal money first - don’t even think about it, just do it. The more you do it, the more habit-forming it’ll become.”

We don’t want you to cancel Hot Girl Summer but with a little self-control and financial ingenuity, you can enjoy yourself without breaking yourself.


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