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Easy Payday Foundation

Each year, Easy Payday provides financial and other support to local organizations, initiatives and partnerships that promote community well-being. We focus our limited resources on events, programs, projects and initiatives that benefit the broader community, where we believe they can do the most good. We recognize that community and company needs evolve over time, so we listen to our neighbors and continually re-evaluate our program to ensure we are doing what is best for the community and our company.

Our giving is focused on community enrichment

We fund programs and initiatives that support the community’s social and economic health. These can range from major community events such as fairs and festivals, to social and support organizations such as food banks and disaster relief groups, to community efforts such as summer programs for underprivileged youth. We also consider participating in fundraising events that address life limiting medical conditions.

Types of programs we don’t support

Easy Payday does not support political candidates or initiatives, capital campaigns, religious organizations, travel or tours, general operating expenses or individuals through its giving program. We also do not fund individual teams in school athletics or leagues, nor do we fund individual student activities.

Other criteria

Applicants must submit a formal request in writing.

An organization must show that it is a nonprofit group, unless it is an academic or government institution.

Easy Payday appreciates receiving requests for funding at least seven days before the funding is needed, or one month if the request exceeds $1,000.

Long-term partnerships

Easy Payday values long-term partnerships with groups for their potential to achieve significant, sustained benefits. Partnerships often require significant resources and are not constrained by the same limits that apply to the company’s giving program.


Organizations wishing to partner with Easy Payday should submit a proposal in writing that, at a minimum, provides a description of the scope of work, timetable for implementation, resources required and expected outcomes. The proposal should also indicate why this organization might be uniquely qualified to perform this work.

Final decision

The above guidelines do not preclude Easy Payday from reaching a contrary decision which, in the opinion of the company, satisfy its general giving objectives. Easy Payday will provide its final decision without justification and does not consider appeals.


Proposals should be submitted to

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